INDONESIA Tourism Investment Invitation

An Invitation to Invest in Tourism Development in Mandalika Special Economic Zone, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Republic of Indonesia

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Presenting: Mandalika Special Economic Zone, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Our missions are:

  1. To promote the best Indonesia’s tourism development projects;
  2. To inform foreign and domesticinvestors, developers, operators, and visitors about the investment opportunities in these projects;
  3. To provide guidance for investors on the comprehensive investment services offered by the Ministry’s partners, including the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.


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Lombok is a gem in Indonesian archipelago that situated just 32 km East of Bali. It has a rich and colourful background of Sasak, Balinese and Bugis cultures and offers the tourist a mix of verdant tropical backdrops, kilometre upon kilometre of rice paddies, high volcanic mountains, fine white sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear water and some of the world’s finest surf breaks and diving spots.

Mandalika has the status of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for agro industry and ecotourism industry which was newly launched by Government of Indonesia in 2014. It has benefits for investors in terms of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. Mandalika SEZ is a place of natural and cultural preservation, and is one of the most beautiful place in the world. A place where local arts and culture are acculturated, such a perfect place for discovering Lombok. This area developed for MICE purpose, leisure spot, luxury lodging, and unique products from some region in Central Lombok. It has excellent tourist attraction on the island of Lombok: 7.5 Km white sand beach of the Indian Ocean, and various local attractions nearby to the Mandalika. With the total area of 1.255,40 ha, it offers natural beauty, panoramic view, and many other attractions. In addition to that, its proximity to the capital city of Jakarta makes this area a favourite destination among families. Its growing tourism potential along with Indonesia's remarkable economic development is still waiting to be developed and explored further.

Mandalika SEZ is managed by Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), a state owned enterprises with more than 20 year of experience in developing tourism region. The future of this coastal area is indeed promising tourism development project in Indonesia. In summary, the project has several advantages as follows:

  1. Best Location
    1. Mandalika is the special economic zone which is located near Indonesia Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ALKI 2).
    2. Located in Mandalika district which is connected with Lombok International Airport.
    3. Will have 20 minutes travel access from Bali, half an hour from Jakarta, and 2 hours from Singapore.
    4. It is strategically accessible to various cities Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, Malaysia, and Philippines.
  2. Investment Incentive
    1. Fiscal Facilities



      Treat in SEZ


      Income Tax Allowance

      Will be given for the business entity and individual who run business in SEZ Mandalika.


      Value-Added Tax (VAT) & Luxury Sales Tax

      Exempted for taxable goods.


      Import Duties

      Postponement for import goods to SEZ Mandalika.



      Exempted for raw direct materials and supporting materials for production purposes.


      Import Income Tax

      Not Levied


      Tax Agency Incentives

      Not Levied


      Property Tax

      Reduction in compliance to the provision of law and regulation.

    2. Non-Fiscal Facilities



      Treat in SEZ



      · Permission to hire foreign workers who have position as directors or managers.

      · Within the SEZ will be established:

      1) Wage council; 

      2) Trade/Labor Unions to create effective communication and harmonious industrial relation;

      3) Tripartite cooperation institution.



      Easiness for foreign business people.



      · Easiness to obtain land rights and land acquisition;

      · Granted land rights for those who already have land.



      SEZ Mandalika will be a vital object (according to Indonesian police’s policy)


      Local Government Supports

      · Tax and local retribution reductions

      · Commitment for SEZ administration's operation.

  3. Supporting Regional Infrastructure


    Road development to Tanjung Aan with length of 4 km and width of 90 m. Development and broadening road of province from Lombok international airport to district Mandalika as far as 20 km.


    Expansion runaway Lombok International Airport through the length of 250 meters. Currently several airlines are offering attractive connections with daily flights to Lombok from:

    1. Singapore (2h45m)

    2. Kuala Lumpur (3h05m)

    3. Jakarta (2h05m)

    4. Bali (0h25m)

    5. Perth (3h40m)



    Availability of electricity is supplied by PLN and KMPL with the capacity 30 MW and 50 MW. SEZ Mandalika will increase electricity power solar cell with capacity 15 MW





    Water Supply

    Indonesian regional water utility company provides 60 liters per second. Current need of water supply requires KMPL 200 liters per second. Also will built a water reservoir construction distribution, of 5000 m3, below the pump house capacity of 100 l/d.


  1. Located at Kuta Lombok Village, Pujut Sub-District, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province
  2. Coordinate : S08°54’33.51” E116°17’54.17”


  1. Located at Kuta Lombok Village, Pujut Sub-District, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province
  2. Coordinate : S08°54’27.26” E116°18’35.44”


  1. Located at Kuta Lombok Village, Pujut Sub-District, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province.
  2. Coordinate : 8°53'50.9"S 116°18'39.8"E


  1. Located at Kuta Lombok Village, Pujut Sub-District, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province.
  2. Coordinate : S08°54’28.28” E116°19’24.09”


Foreign Investors can set up their business in the form of a joint venture with the local private company partner as the developer of the land. In the joint ventures, there is a minimum share of the foreign party of the total equity capital.

A joint venture with local private company partner can help to increase the productivity and profit generation. A successful joint venture can offer:

  1. Access to new markets and distribution networks
  2. Increase capacity
  3. Sharing of risks and costs with partner
  4. Access to greater resources, including specialized staff, technology and finance



Leisure, Residential and Commercial area with Joint Venture, Joint Ownership and Ownership Opportunities for investors.

Tourism Business Unit Investment Opportunities (including the investment code of the Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Fields for Tourism) includes:


  1. Star Hotel (5511)
  2. Villa (55194)
  3. Restaurant (56101)
  4. Bistro (56102)
  5. Bar (56301)
  6. Café (56303)
  7. Golf Course (93112)
  8. Billiard House (93111)
  9. Swimming Centre (93114)
  10. Tennis Field (93116)
  11. Bowling Centre (93113)
  12. Sport Centre (93118)
  13. Art Performing Building (90001)
  14. Organization of MICE (82301)
  15. Night Club (56302)
  16. Karaoke (93292)
  17. Recreational Park (93232)

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