Magelang City

INDONESIA Tourism Investment Invitation

An Invitation to Invest in Tourism Development in Magelang City, Central Java Province, Republic of Indonesia

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Presenting: Magelang City


  1. To recognize and promote the great natural beauty and social diversity of Magelang City as tourist destinations
  2. To inform foreign and domestic investors, developers, operators, and visitors about the tourism development potentials in Magelang City
  3. To provide guidance for investors on the comprehensive investment services offered by the Ministry’s partners, including the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.


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Time Zone


(UTC +7)






±  18.12km2




: Magelang Regency


: Magelang Regency


: Magelang Regency


: Magelang Regency

Air Temperature


26° C – 37° C

Relative Humidity









7.268 People/km²

Labour Force



Ethnic Group


Javanese, Maduranese and Chinese



Islam, Cristianity, Budhism, Catholic, Hinduism and Konghucu



Indonesian (official), Java language (local)


Tourism is one of the highest contributor of GDRP in Magelang Regency with around 23.31 percent of its total GDRP. Other contributor is manufacturing sector, agriculture sector and service sector. The high performance of tourism sector confirms the characteristics of Magelang City that has a great chance to be developed as a city of services and tourism.



The transportation system in Magelang City consists of road transport. Land transportation infrastructure supported by the network of national, provincial and regency levels. Overall, the existing transportation infrastructure has reached almost all parts of Magelang City.


Communication technologies in Magelang City have been well implemented and have covered the entire province. Telex and facsimile are already applied to all of area in Magelang City, especially to support government and entrepreneurs’s activities. Telecommunication infrastructures are available in urban and rural -area.


Demand for electricity in Magelang City is increasing year by year, due to its development. Overall, the increase of energy use in Magelang has shown a great promise of regional development, especially in rural and remote areas.


Most areas of Magelang City is flowed by rivers. The existence of rivers supports the needs of residence for water supply. Aside from these rivers, the hydrological situation in Magelang City is also determined by the presence of swamps, lakes, dams, reservoirs, springs and boreholes.


Magelang City has a number of attractive tourism destination. Ranging from natural, nature based and historical tourist attraction. Kyai Langgeng Park is the most famous tourism place in Magelang City. Kyai Langgeng Park located at the western part of Magelang, and occupying about 27 hectares of land. Providing a tranquility of rural atmosphere, the place is easily accessible as it lies only about 1 km from the city center. Built by the local government its gate was open to the public in 1987. Kyai Langgeng Park now provides wide collection of rare plants from all over Indonesia, dinosaurs statues, fishing pond, traffic gardens, aquariums, green house, swimming pool, open air theater, large cages of various kinds of tropical birds, various kinds of animals from the bigger to the smaller ones, go-carts arena, a river for canoeing and wild water surfing, restaurants, souvenir shops, tropical fruit market, indoor tennis court, hotel and many other things to see, to do and to enjoy. For now in the future, Local Government will move on to invest in new recreational facilities for all levels of the community.


Magelang City is relatively easy to reach by both domestic and international tourist. The main entry is through Adisudjipto Airport located about 60 km of city central. From the airport, Magelang City can be reach via land transportation, which takes around 1 hours by car, though it depends on which destination that the tourists are going to visit.


Tourism has become one of the priorities sector for development by the local government. The government and the community have fully aware of their abundant resources and their potential for economic contribution through tourism development. They are welcoming investors that are willing to cooperate not only on developing more tourism attractions and facilities but also developing all tourism supporting aspects of Magelang City.


Tourism development in Magelang City must be implemented in compliance with the following principles:

  1. Community based tourism

    Maintain the involvement of the local community and stakeholders in every tourism development activity

  2. Sustainable tourism

    Continuous improvement and preservation of the environmental, cultural and communal aspects of tourism development

  3. Cultural preservation

    Implement and integrate local culture elements in all tourism development activities

  4. Collaborative partnership between stakeholders

    Cooperate and accommodate all stakeholder's aspirations


  1. Located at Magelang City, Central Java Province.
  2. Coordinate Location : S07°29’03.40” E110°12’37.58”
  3. Location :± 27,8 hectare (30% in use)
  4. Owner : Local Government
  5. Tourism Business Opportunities (including the investment code of the Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Fields for Tourism):
    1. 1 unit of Two Star Hotel (5511) with 70 rooms.
      Estimated required initial funds: IDR 24 Billion (Excluding land lease, license and permit fees)
    2. 1 unit of Three Star Hotel (5511) with 80 rooms.
      Estimated required initial funds: IDR 44 Billion (Excluding land lease, license and permit fees)
    3. 2 units of Restaurant (56101)
      Estimated required initial funds: IDR 5 Billion (Excluding land lease, license and permit fees)
    4. 2 units of Café (56303)
      Estimated required initial funds: IDR 2.5 Billion (Excluding land lease, license and permit fees)
    5. Recreational Park (93232)
  6. Avaible coopertation
    The Investors are encouraged to invest in partnership with the Local Government through the following cooperation:
    1. Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
    2. Joint Venture
    3. Other agreeable cooperation forms

Business Fields

Amount  Needed

Required Funds Per Business Field

Total Required Fund Per Business Field Category

Two Star Hotel


IDR 24 Billion

IDR 24 Billion

Three Star Hotel


IDR 44 Billion

IDR 44 Billion



IDR 5 Billion

IDR 10Billion



IDR 2.5 Billion

IDR 5 Billion

Total Required Fund in the Region (Excluding Land Lease, License and Permit)

IDR 83 Billion

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