Tanjung Lesung Regency

INDONESIA Tourism Investment Invitation


An Invitation to Invest in Tourism Development in Tanjung Kelayang Special Economic Zone, Bangka Belitung Province, Republic of Indonesia

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Presenting: Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone, Banten Province


  1. To recognize and promote the best Indonesia’s tourism development projects;
  2. To inform foreign and domestic investors, developers, operators, and visitors about the investment opportunities in these projects;
  3. To provide guidance for investors on the comprehensive investment services offered by the Ministry’s partners, including the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.


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Tanjung Lesung as one of West Java's leading tourist areas has an impressive variety of natural attractions and cultural wealth, such as Ujung Kulon, Krakatoa, Liwungan, and Baduy Villages to mention a few. Several 4-star hotels with international standards are also present in Tanjung Lesung. They are Kalicaa Villa Estate, Tanjung Lesung Resort Hotel, the Blue Fish and the Sailing Club. In addition to that, its proximity to the capital city of Jakarta makes this area a favourite destination among families. Its growing tourism potential along with Indonesia's remarkable economic development is still waiting to be developed and explored further. The future of this coastal area is indeed promising.


Tanjung Lesung is the first tourism project that was designated as the Tourism Special Economic Zone in Indonesia. On October 6th, 2011 PT Jababeka Tbk acquired PT Banten West Java Tourism Development and PT Tanjung Lesung Leisure Industry. Both were companies that own "Tanjung Lesung Resort" the integrated coastal tourist area on 1,500 hectares of land. Local potentials and the vast experience of Jababeka as a "City Developer" has resulted in a very precise concept in developing Tanjung Lesung. Tanjung Lesung project is one of the most promising tourism development project in Indonesia. In summary, the project has several advantages as follows:

  1. Beautiful location with world famous Krakatau Volcanic Mountain and UNESCO recognized tourist destinations nearby (Ujung Kulon)
  2. Strong government support (construction of new toll road access & other support)
  3. First Tourism Special Economic Zone in Indonesia
  4. Strategically located nearby huge domestic market (Greater Jakarta)
  5. Large land bank of 1,500 hectares providing huge development potential
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  1. Tanjung Lesung “Bay Side”
  2. Tanjung Lesung “Harbour”
  3. Tanjung Lesung “Point”
  4. Tanjung Lesung “Strait”
  5. Tanjung Lesung “Highland”
  6. Tanjung Lesung“Hearthland”

  1. TanjungLesung “Bay Side” ...
  2. TanjungLesung “Harbour” ...
  3. TanjungLesung “Point” ...
  4. TanjungLesung “Strait” ...
  5. TanjungLesung “Highland” ...
  6. TanjungLesung “Hearthland” ...


Foreign Investors can set up their business in the form of a joint venture with the local private company partner as the developer of the land. In the joint ventures, there is a minimum share of the foreign party of the total equity capital.

A joint venture with local private company partner can help to increase the productivity and profit generation. A successful joint venture can offer:

  1. Access to new markets and distribution networks
  2. Increase capacity
  3. Sharing of risks and costs with partner
  4. Access to greater resources, including specialized staff, technology and finance


Leisure, Residential and Commercial area with Joint Venture, Joint Ownership and Ownership Opportunities for investors.

Tourism Business Unit Investment Opportunities (including the investment code of the Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Fields for Tourism) includes:


  1. Star Hotel (5511)
  2. Villa (55194)
  3. Restaurant (56101)
  4. Bistro (56102)
  5. Bar (56301)
  6. Café (56303)
  7. Golf Course (93112)
  8. Billiard House (93111)
  9. Swimming Centre (93114)
  10. Tennis Field (93116)
  11. Bowling Centre (93113)
  12. Sport Centre (93118)
  13. Art Performing Building (90001)
  14. Organization of MICE (82301)
  15. Night Club (56302)
  16. Karaoke (93292)
  17. Recreational Park (93232)
  18. Theme Park (93210)
  19. Marine Dock (93243)
  20. Diving Tour (93242)
  21. Spa (96122)


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